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Got really sick with the head bobbing constantly

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can reduce the head bob, but can't now since the game jam technically is still on for 6 days of voting.

Actually am really interested in it, since i have just played an escape-the-room game with my friends in real life.

Just couldn't handle the bobbing any more after 4 or so lives


Listed erroneously as playable under linux, but there's only .exes and .dlls in the folder.

sorry for that, I beleived that I had Linux and mac build support already built-in in my unity project. Sorry.


Good Game, xxproreapsxx approves 7/10 would like to play a similar game again.


Very fun short game and can be very stressful when you finally get a hint on how to clear the game


I really like it. It was fun, stressful and had some tricky puzzles.